About us

Arshi Naaz

A Science graduate and Bachelors in Education (B. Ed.), Arshi Naaz obtained her Masters in Library Science. She joined Pratham in 2003. Over these years her work profile has included heading the Library Program in schools and communities of Delhi, leading the zone and heading the CAT (Curriculum, Assessment and Training) team. Apart from this, she is also a trainer for various capacity building programs of Pratham and conducts Early Childhood Education workshops in NIPCCD, Story Telling and Library related workshops. She is also a member of the Book Selection Committee for children of “DELHI PUBLIC LIBRARY” and has co- authored children’s story book “My Family” for Pratham Books.

Currently, she is the founder director of Srajan Shiksha Foundation Pvt. Ltd.  She is also head of the Pratham Urban Learning Center program in Delhi.


A Psychology graduate from Delhi’s Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Samyukta Subramanian received her Masters in Psychology from Delhi University, with a specialization in Clinical Psychology. Having worked briefly in the mental health sector, Samyukta’s relationship with Pratham began as a volunteer. She later joined Pratham as a full time functionary and has been leading its different programs in Delhi since then. Some of her roles have included coordinating the Teach India Campaign for Pratham, English content development and training, head of East Delhi programs etc. Apart from this, she was also faculty, trainer and facilitator for the different capacity building initiatives undertaken by Pratham at the national level.

Currently, as founder director of Srajan Shiksha Foundation Pvt. Ltd., she heads the Vodafone project in Delhi.

Srajan Shiksha Foundation

Srajan Shiksha Foundation (SSF) was set up as a Private Limited Company with the aim of building and delivering sustainable educational models in underprivileged areas. SSF is responsible for the training, supervision and management of Pratham Urban Learning Centers in Delhi. It also has partnerships with  organizations such as ARK Foundation, Jubiliant Technologies and ASER. The company conducts preschool and library based trainings, capacity building workshops, content workshops and field surveys. It also undertakes assessment, monitoring and evaluation projects.

In 2012, in  collaboration with Pratham and Vodafone, SSF took the ownership of launching the Vodafone project in Delhi. In this project, SSF has had the singular distinction of having had the highest number of logins into the webox at a national level for 2012-2013.